What is the Deadstock Associates Program?

Deadstock’s Affiliate Program is the first of its kind, creating exciting benefits for its affiliates to take advantage of. When you sign up to become a Deadstock affiliate, you will be provided with a unique generated code which you can promote on your social media to earn commission on sales from your items as well as other sellers’ items. By doing so, affiliates are rewarded with a faster selling experience, enhanced product exposure, cash commission on all sales using their unique code, and maximized ability to buy, sell, and trade even more on Deadstock – a marketplace platform being utilized by thousands of other collectors.

What do I get if I join?

 • Commission on products sold using your unique discount code/link
 • Free products in the form of Associate Exclusive Giveaways
 • Discounts on select Deadstock products
 • Ambassador-only contests for chances to win more products, exclusive opportunities and more
 • Access to the Ambassador Hub, an awesome tool for creators with advanced analytics

What’s Included in the Associates Hub:

  -• Dashboard
  - Personalized and customized brand view for ambassadors
  - Overview of how your posts perform
  - View what other brands and influencers follow you

 • Reporting
  - Campaign performance
  - Ambassador performance

 • Messaging and Payments
  - Community
  - Direct messaging
  - Payments – paid commission monthly

What do Associates have to do to participate?

Associates who want to join our team will authentically promote the Deadstock App on a monthly basis to their social media followers. Whether you’re at the mall, on the court, or by yourself on a Friday night, we’re looking for associates who live and understand the DeadStock culture and can help us build the brand wherever you are.

How much commission will I earn?

We offer a commission on every order (Pay-Per-Sale) that is placed through your custom link. (Free Merch as a bonus based on certain amount of sales)
 • Sneakers – 3% (top sellers can be bumped up to 4%)
 • Streetwear, Accessories, Handbags, Watches, Luggage, Jewelry, Headphones – 5% commission
 • Physical video games and video game consoles- 1% commission
 • Collectibles – 3% commission
 • Deadstock Merch – 10% commission
($5 off shipping off code)

​Is there a limit to how many sales I can earn a commission for?​

No. The more sales you refer, the more you get paid.

How long is a cookie valid for?

*Cookies, or browser cookies as they’re sometimes called, are used to personalize website experiences, and can help us ensure you are compensated appropriately for people who use your custom link to make a purchase A cookie expires after 90 days.

When and how do I get paid?

Each month, you will receive an email with your payment details which includes all your conversions from the previous month. For example: Around June 15th (or the following business day), you will receive an email with details on how to get paid for May’s conversions.

Can I use content from your site?

You can re-post or share anything that’s on our accounts of course, but we’d love if you posted your own original content. We want to see you out in the wild rocking your kicks.

Can I join your Associate program if I am outside of the United States?

Yes, however at this time we are focusing on growing the Associate program in Canada and the United States only before including other countries. If you live in another country, send us an email and we’ll let you know once we expand outside of North America! We’d love to hear from creators who could help us build communities and launch in new places.

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